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Some would say my passion for barbecue and cooking started as a little boy growing up in a small town in East Texas. My dad loved to barbecue on his little smoker and I was always captivated by the wonderful aroma’s coming for the pit as it cooked.  However, what really made an impression was the whole process involved in cooking barbecue, which usually started the day before the actual cook.

Each step was carefully planned. And I always wondered why it took so long to cook barbecue when my mother provided dinner every night in less than an hour. It wasn’t until after my first attempt as a boy that I learned. Like most rookies, I wanted that great taste of barbecue without waiting hours and hours. So, a few shortcuts were taken, the meat got a heavy dose of rub, the heat was turned up and on went the meat. Yes, Yes, for those of you who have barbecued before, you can stop laughing. I was young. The good news was the meat was done in a quarter of the time.

Since then, I’ve learned to love the process and playing with different flavor combinations. I spent the next 30 or so years, cooking barbecue for friends and family. Through the years and a lot of experimenting, I created some great tasting Rubs, Spices & Sauce blends. Then a few years ago, our neighborhood put together a Rib Cookoff.

My family suggested I enter. After it was over, I had won first place. The next year I entered again and again won first place. After the second win, people started asking for my recipes and suggested bottling my spices to sell.  I had never thought about it to that point. After my third win, I figured it was time.

We have always believed that natural, healthy ingredients are better for our bodies.  

We feel many of the foods we eat today are made from processed foods and contain too many chemical preservatives, artificial flavors and colors, and/or fillers that have no added flavor or benefit. We also know that some people have experienced adverse affects from ingredients like MSG and gluten.

Because of these reasons, I wanted to create a line of products that were MSG Free, Gluten Free, Preservative Free and contained no Artificial Colors or Flavors, but still held to the most important attribute: TASTE. 

The result is a more natural product that tastes amazing and is made up of actual spices, so you’re not paying for ingredients you don’t need.

What Our Customers Say

Daddy B’s is the Bomb!! I love the Jalepeno Salt….y’all all know how long this old boy here has been cookn! – Guy Simpson (Chef at Hole in One Restaurant)

Daddy B’s Jalapeño Salt on Tilapia, Avocado, or dressed up boring Salsa! Yum yum – David Collins

As far as your product, we got lot’s of raves over taste, tenderness and “the best tasting brisket we’ve ever had”. So, I guess it means we’ve found a new product, at least as long as I’m heading this BBQ gig. – Joe Bailey, Chief SWBCVFD

You know that seasoning tastes great on meat but it surely makes broccoli, brussels sprouts and salad more flavorful as well. Thanks again. – Louis Chisholm

My favorite sweet chipotle….you can put it on everything!! Sooo yummy!!! – Kim McMenamy Collins

Just tried “Sweet Chipotle” in our stuffed bell peppers tonight. Kerri cooked it into the meat instead of using it on top. It was so good. Time for another order. We are almost out!!! – S. Dale McLeod